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Eliana Kelly

Barbie - Malibu House Playset

Barbie - Malibu House Playset

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Description Build dreams and have fun with this two-story Barbie Malibu House playset. The transformable living room wall, bedroom ceiling and bathroom vanity encourage children to explore, while the furniture, game board and food items enable role-playing. This Barbie Malibu House playset has a foldable design for easy assembling and dismantling. Features Barbie Malibu House Opens to create a play space more than 2'wide. Two-story dollhouse with six rooms The kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor patio feature transformation functions, offering two-in-one spaces. More functionality than you think Turn over the wall in the living room to create an entertainment room, open the dressing table to open the shower, and lower the bedroom ceiling to turn it into a bunk bed to make room for four sisters to sleep. Over 25 accessories can be arranged and rearranged to explore design or tell story Some parts have a pen, which the doll can hold, and the plug-and-play design lets children immerse themselves in role-playing and storytelling. Comes with furniture Includes a sofa, coffee table, dining table, four chairs, and accessories, such as furnishings, food, bath items, a sleeping bag, and a game board. Recommended minimum age Suitable for children ages 3 and up.

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