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Eliana Kelly

Bradley Generator

Bradley Generator

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The Generator with Adaptor is a highly adaptable unit that allows you to retrofit almost any small structure into a house. The unit consists of two parts. The Generator is identical to that which is supplied with the Smoker. However. where the lugs would attach to the cabinet. they instead attach to the face plate of the Adaptor. which is also made of . The picture shows the Generator lugged onto the face-plate of the Adaptor. and the adjustable Adaptor Collar can also be seen. When fitted. the wall of the smoke-house structure fits between the faceplate and the collar and is intended to remain in place permanently while the Generator can be easily attached or removed when not in use. Just like all our products. the unit uses Bradley Flavor Bisquettes. An ideal structure might be an old chest freezer. stood upright. the lid for the door. with an 12. cm hole in the side for the adaptor. A blueprint to build your own smokehouse is included with the unit. This product won the coveted Vesta Award in 2003.

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