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Eliana Kelly

Brugal A?ejo Superior Ron Dominicano 38% Vol. 0,7L

Brugal A?ejo Superior Ron Dominicano 38% Vol. 0,7L

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In the center of the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo, is where Brugal's Ron A?ejo Superior is distilled. It is made only from fermented molasses and matured in American oak barrels that were once used to age Bourbon for three to five years. It is distinguished by a striking amber hue. Aromas of wood and dried fruit are detected in the nose, along with subtle notes of brown sugar, chocolate, and vanilla. It tastes soft, dry, and velvety in the mouth, with a nice, long-lasting dry aftertaste with a warm caramel aroma. Perfect served smooth or with ice for meditation, or to serve after a meal.

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