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Eliana Kelly

Carl Mertens Cargo Kitchen Spatula

Carl Mertens Cargo Kitchen Spatula

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The Carl Mertens Cargo Kitchen Spatula is a must have for any chef鈥檚 kitchen. It鈥檚 great for cooking on a flat top grill, in a skillet, or on a cutting board. Toss your ingredients or serve your food like the pros do, this spatula is guaranteed to make you feel like a top chef. With its ergonomic design, the Cargo Kitchen Spatula is lightweight and easy to use. It has a plastic handle for comfortable gripping, and a stainless steel base for a sleek look. Give your kitchen a refreshing look and build your cook鈥檚 collection with this spatula. Handmade in Germany, the world class craftsmanship is apparent in its design. Treat yourself to this product today.

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