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Eliana Kelly

Carl Mertens Metz 6.5Chopper Knife

Carl Mertens Metz 6.5Chopper Knife

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Hefty Blade Capable of Clean, Quick Cuts

Chop through dense vegetables and fruits with this heavy-duty chopper knife. The Carl Mertens Metz Chopper Knife features a heavy 6.5鈥?flat blade capable of clean, quick cuts. This blade is perfect for any kitchen job that requires a meat cleaver or butcher knife but in a much more manageable size. While ideal for chopping through vegetables like lettuce, onions, peppers, and more, you may find this handy knife useful for cutting and slicing meat and poultry as well.

Metz Line

The name Metz comes from the local dialect in Solingen Germany, also known as the 閳ユ窅ity of Blades閿? Every Carl Mertens Metz knife comes with an extra broad blade made from rustproof chrome molybdenum vanadium steel. The broad blade is designed for cutting robust ingredients effortlessly. Designed by design group SquareOne, Metz knives were inspired by Far Eastern forms, combined with the traditional German craft Carl Mertens has been using from the very beginning. Metz from Carl Mertens brings first-class craft with a contemporary style for chefs to enjoy.

Handmade in Solingen, Germany

Solingen, Germany is known for their high quality cutlery. In fact, Solingen is known as the steel capital of the world and the 鈥渃ity of blades鈥? and is where all Carl Mertens knives are made. In order to mark a product with the name Solingen, all key manufacturing stages must have been processed and finished within Solingen. The product must also meet strict quality standards in order to be entitled to use the 鈥淢ade in Solingen鈥?mark. This means that a knife that was completely crafted and assembled in Solingen can not say 鈥淢ade in Solingen鈥?unless it meets these required quality standards.

About Carl Mertens

Carl Mertens first began in 1919 as a small job-order grinding shop for pocket knife blades in Solingen, Germany. For almost 100 years, they have become a premier brand showcasing excellent quality in German knives, flatware, and exquisite kitchen tools. Carl Mertens handmade knives are known for creating beautiful, contemporary products made using the same traditional craftsmanship from when they began. Exquisite designs have led Carl Mertens to receive numerous design awards from IF Design, Red Dot, Design Plus, and more. Merging aesthetics with functionality, Carl Mertens creates extraordinary pieces for your kitchen that are too beautiful to be put away for long.

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