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Eliana Kelly

Ceado E37SL Commercial Espresso Grinder

Ceado E37SL Commercial Espresso Grinder

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Ceado E37SL Commercial Espresso Grinder


Unique to Ceado the steady lock grinding system ensures that under any condition your Ceado burr grinder maintains a consistent distance between the burrs. The steady lock system improves consistency and eliminates one variable in your quest towards the perfect espresso.


As any home user knows. dialing in your grinder is imperative to your recipe. With the revolutionary infinitesimal grinding adjustment. Ceado has pioneered it makes it even easier to get the exact particle size for each brew method. The more straightforward grinding adjustment makes it incredibly easy. faster. and provide a more accurate result with the quick set revolution on your E37 grinder.


Maintaining your E37 family grinder is incredibly easy. The quick service. coupled with the anti-clogging system. make it easy for anyone to perform maintenance on your Ceado. Easy access burrs make your cleaning and maintenance more straightforward and less expensive with less time and money invested.


No matter what portafilter you have. included bottomless/naked models. with the standard portafilter catch leaves your hands free. The coffee doses can be ground into the filter holder while you perform other steps within your brew process.

Dimensions (WxLxH) 8.35 in x 12.17 in x 25 in212 mm x 309 mm x 432 mm WEIGHT 23 lbs BURRS Flat 83mm RPM 1700 AVERAGE OUTPUT (60HZ) 5 g/s HOPPER CAPACITY 1.6 kg POWER 500 W GRIND ADJUSTMENT TYPE Quick Set Gear 鈥?Infintesimal Stepless STEADY LOCK GRINDER Yes SOUND PROOFING Yes THERMAL CUT-OUT Yes FAN Yes DOSE SETTING Digital DOSING Free PORTAFILTER HOLDER None TOUCH DISPLAY None START portafilter SHOT COUNTER None
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