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Eliana Kelly

Celsius Sparkling Tropical Vibe, Energy Drink - 12.0 fl oz

Celsius Sparkling Tropical Vibe, Energy Drink - 12.0 fl oz

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The CELSIUS Zero Sugar Fitness Energy Drink comes in a pack of twelve slim 12 oz. cans and is available in 12 amazing flavors (sparkling and non-carbonated) to fit your exact taste. CELSIUS offers the perfect balance of flavor and energy that serves as an awesome pick-me-up for active lifestyles. Each flavor has zero sugar and is gluten free, non-GMO and vegan. This ideal pre-workout drink also serves as a refreshing alternative to other caffeinated drinks. CELSIUS has no preservatives, sugar, artificial colors or flavors, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and is low in sodium. CELSIUS is deliciousness that delivers! This clinically proven dietary supplement provides healthy energy, accelerates metabolism and burns body fat. Ingredients include green tea extract, guarana seed extract, ginger root, vitamin B and C, and Chromium.

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