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Eliana Kelly

Chartreuse Liqueur - 750 ml

Chartreuse Liqueur - 750 ml

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First produced in 1840 using the original Elixir V茅g茅tal de la Grande Chartreuse recipe, the "Liqueur de Sant茅" is the first liqueur. Father Garnier, the lawyer in charge of the liqueurs at the time and a man of great popularity, eventually chose to formally refer to it as "Chartreuse Verte," registering the "Chartreuse" mark in 1852. The Chartreux Fathers continue to produce and manufacture it at their Aiguenoire distillery located in Entre-Deux-Guiers, Is猫re, France. Green in chartreuse, with a strong, peppery, herbaceous aroma. a crisp flavor profile featuring citrus fruits, pine sap, and mint. The last taste of bittersweet tea lengthens the palate's experience.

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