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Eliana Kelly

Cordial CFD DDA, Multicore Cable with Analog Tascam DSUB

Cordial CFD DDA, Multicore Cable with Analog Tascam DSUB

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The Cordial CFD DDA is a Multicore Cable with Analog Tascam DSUB. Our CFD DDA multicore cable conforms exactly with the analog Tascam DSUB鑱?25 specification (DA 88) and is suited for the connection of devices matching the Tascam pin assignment. The 2 D-Sub 25-pin male connectors feature a metal housing. Characteristic for our corresponding bulk cable CMD 8 are the spiral wound tinned copper pair screens and an additional tinned overall shield, which CORDIAL uses for the CFD DDA. These features guarantee the excellent transmission of analog as well as DMX signals.

Product Specifications:

Cable: CMD 8

Jacket: PVC

Cable Assign: DDA


1 D-Sub

1 D-Sub

Conductor Area: 0.14 mm铏?/p>


Composition of Conductor: 18 x 0.10 mm

Material: Tinned Copper

Conductor Resistance: 140 閳?km

Shielding: Tinned Copper Braided Screen (>80% covering)

Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m): 45 pF / m

Category: DMX-AES/EBU-110 Ohm

Diameter: 12.5 鍗?0.5 mm

Conductor Isolation: PE

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